Lane 4 Athletic--The Brand

We spend our hard earned money, just like you, to make sure our kids have good quality swim gear and equipment to compete in the sport of swimming. Like you, we often go to swim meets and over pay for T-shirts, sweatshirts and other apparel. We started Lane 4 Athletic to offer affordable alternatives to swimmers, swim parents and swim enthusiasts. We want to educate you on what items are high quality and what makes a good quality product. 

We believe in being active members of the swimming community.  We are not simply a company looking to make a profit in a particular market.  We are our customers.  

Along the way, we admire the work and dedication all swim athletes (from the youngest to the oldest) have to put into this sport.  We watch as we see athletes blossom not only as competitors but as people. That is why we want to read your inspiring stories of what swimming has done for you (

Swimming has given much to our family and with Lane 4 Athletic we want to give back to the swim community as a whole. We will continue to bring in high quality merchandise and create long lasting apparel that has meaning. Reach for the fast lane everyone----Lane 4.