Lane 4 Athletic--The Brand

Lane 4 Athletic was formed and started in 2017.  Originally, Lane 4 Athletic exclusively dealt in swim apparel.  As Lane 4 Athletic continued to develop, its reach has expanded to not only the sport of swimming but to other sports such as baseball and basketball.

Lane 4 Athletic is a preferred choice for youth, high school and collegiate teams for designing and making team apparel for athletes, parents and fans.  While most online stores remain open for several weeks, the online team stores created and operated by Lane 4 Athletic remain open year round so families can purchase items at their convenience and during times when their budget allows for these types of purchases.

Lane 4 Athletic has the capability of producing apparel that ranges from t-shirts, polos, shorts, hoodies, hats, uniforms, jackets and more.  Lane 4 Athletic uses the most recent technology and equipment to decorate and complete all of the apparel. These methods range from screen printed transfers to sublimation and full embroidery.  Lane 4 Athletic works with over 100 different brands and has the capability to pull raw apparel from dozens of warehouses located all over the United States.

Lane 4 Athletic has been the exclusive on-site apparel vendor for large championship meets such as USA Swimming Central Zone Championships, USA Swimming Speedo Sectionals Championships, and USA Swimming Futures Championships. In all of these high level championship meets, hundreds of athletes have competed and purchased their championship apparel from Lane 4 Athletic.

Lane 4 Athletic has the flexibility and professional knowledge to set-up and print apparel on-demand on-site at any size of event.  

After Covid-19 brought many live-events to a standstill, Lane 4 Athletic expanded its reach into live-streaming for youth and high school athletics.  Using high quality cameras and providing unique commentary to each event, Lane 4 Athletic has separated itself from other live-streaming outlets.  If you are in need of live-streaming services for your event, Lane 4 Athletic can assist you with those needs.

When we see a void that needs to be filled regardless of whether it is in the apparel industry or the live-streaming profession, we do our best to fill needs that will bring value to the public.